Photo Gallery / Date: 02/07/2017
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01 - Title - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Horrify ME
02 - Title - Leatherface Sighting
03 - Title - Leather Warning
Exhibit A1 - Portrait of Leatherface
Exhibit A2 - Leatherface
Exhibit A3 - Leatherface
Exhibit A4 - The Mask Made from Skin
Exhibit A5 - The Chainsaw
Exhibit B1 - Shana on the Run
Exhibit B2 - Shana Captured
Exhibit B3 - Shana Kidnapped
Exhibit B4 - Shana Defeated
Exhibit B5 - Shana Tormented
Exhibit B6 - Shana Assaulted
Exhibit B7 - Shana Carved
Exhibit B8 - Shana Sliced
Exhibit B9 - Shana Butchered
Exhibit C1 - Shana Butchered
Exhibit C2 - Shana Gutted
Exhibit C3 - Shana Dead
Exhibit C4 - Shana Disemboweled
Exhibit C5 - Shana Corpse
Exhibit C6 - Shana Sawn
Exhibit D1 - Leatherface with Chainsaw
Exhibit D2 - Leatherface with Hammer
Exhibit E1 - Matt Being Chased
Exhibit E2 - Matt Captured
Exhibit E3 - Matt Dragged Away
Exhibit E4 - Matt Submissive
Exhibit E5 - Matt Breaks Character
Exhibit E6 - Matt Being Choked
Exhibit E7 - Matt Skull Cracked
Exhibit E8 - Matt Skull Broken
Exhibit E9 - Matt Amputated Arm
Exhibit F1 - Matt Skull Opened
Exhibit F2 - Matt Head Carved
Exhibit F3 - Matt Brains Scooped
Exhibit F4 - Matt Skull Hollowed
Exhibit F5 - Matt Corpse
Exhibit G1 - Leatherface Contemplates
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