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Protector of the Corn
Sack Head
Shoot the Stuffing Out of You
Skull Removal 1
Skull Removal 2
Skull Removal 3
Skull Removal 4
Skull Removal 5
Slice n Dice
Slice n Dice BW
The Scarecrow
Trophy Wife 1
Trophy Wife 2
Trophy Wife 3
01 The Scarecrow
02 The Scarecrow
03 Over the Corn Field
05 The Scarecrow Lives
06 The Scarecrow Lives
07 It Scares More Than Crows
08 Guarding the Corn
09 Get Off My Land
10 A Job To Do
11 Demonic Scarecrow
12 More Scares Please
13 I Am Scarecrow
14 Even Scarecrows Ponder
15 Come Watch Me Scare the Crows
16 Creature of the Earth
17 Scarecrow Violence
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