The Horrify Me Book
The Horrify Me Book
A lifetime of passion has led to this!

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The Horrify Me Book is a beautiful volume of award-winning artistic horror portrait photography, created to a very high standard of quality. It is a product of love and passion for the genre, packed with creativity, and has the power to inspire everyone who buys it.


• Over 260 beautiful full colour glossy pages containing hundreds of the very best
photos from Horrify Me. A feast of macabre fine art photography and portraiture.

• Large format book 220mm x 300mm high quality hardback.

• Includes foreword by horror author Matt Shaw.

• Packed full of zombies, vampires, demons, classic horror icons,
original creations, scary art nudes, and much more.

WARNING Book contains gore, horror and nudity and is not suitable for children.

Tom Savini Book
Tom Savini is a horror movie legend. He's responsible for the classic zombies in George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. He created Jason Voorhees in the Friday 13th slasher flicks. He gave Leatherface his horrific flesh mask in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. He's inspired me and my work for my whole life, and now he owns a copy of my book. And, I'm happy to say, he loves it: "This book blows my mind. Every makeup artist should have this book on their shelf".
The horror genre inspires me. It always has, ever since I was a little kid.

Back in childhood, when my buddies were watching Wizard of Oz or Tom and Jerry cartoons, I was watching people being devoured by JAWS or feasting my eyes on Hammer Horror’s latest gothic nightmares. I would draw and paint monsters with impossibly sharp teeth snapping human heads clean off, with a rich red spray of blood gushing from the wound; claws digging flesh out of hollow rib cages; eyeballs gouged from worm-infested skulls. You could say I had a “healthy imagination”. My toy collection featured monsters and ghouls of every description. Today, as a forty-something year old self employed family man, that obsession with horror has reduced exactly zero percent. If anything, it’s stronger today than ever. Horror is the constant thread that has connected every chapter of my life and defined all the most important creative assets of my personality. Horror isn’t just a hobby, it’s in my DNA.

Regular visitors will no doubt have seen many of my shoots in these web pages, covering zombies, vampires, werewolves, and every other type of horrific being that the imagination can muster. These shoots spawn from my Horrify Me Studio in Kent, where I relish in transforming regular human beings into the worst types of rotting, festering creatures. Beautiful ladies arrive to have chunks of skin ripped away, their lovely hair filled with grime and decay, their delicate lips laced with rancid blood. Fine gents get fitted with fangs or claws, their guts ripped open and their heads bashed with hammers or fitted with horns. I’m still that little kid drawing monsters, only these days I create “real” monsters with real people in order to shoot bizarre and exotic portraiture. The materials and the tools are more sophisticated than my childhood felt tip pens, but the driving passion that fuels all this horror is identical. Basically, I never grew up.

Having operated Horrify Me for a number of years now, and with a huge body of creative work as a result, the time felt right to collect some of the best work and assemble them in a book. I knew early on that I wanted to create a decent, large, high quality hard back packed with full colour photos. It would be one of those “coffee table” books, something people could dip into, and treat their eyes to all manner of gory flesh, rotting meat, and sexy horror.

The book was put together with painstaking attention to detail, with the photo selections all being carefully chosen from a massive collection. This was a frustrating process as I had to be a brutal editor. I could have filled the book three times over had I allowed myself to be indulgent, but I persisted with harsh discipline in order to compose a volume of measured quality. I decided to use photos that truly marked the essence of Horrify Me, that showed great makeup, lighting, and editing, as well as the best poses, and most emotionally authentic character portraits. The book is bold too, not shy of showcasing some of the more horrific examples of my work as can be seen in the Lust for Murder section, or the more erotic charms of the blood-drenched art nudes that inhabit the latter pages. The book has an entire hoard of zombies, each crafted to hero proportions and each telling its own character story. The vampire section is a more lavish selection, showing these dark creatures in all their majestic beauty and terrifying wildness. Demonic faces adorn the next chunk of pages and will likely cause sleepless nights, and there are plenty of old familiars from the first golden age of horror (Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman etc) through the American New Wave of the 1980s (Freddy, Jason, Myers etc), all the way up to the modern era (Valak, The Ring, etc). Even a few cult figures made it into my work, such as Tar Man, The Angry Princess, and the ever-wonderful Frankenhooker.

I was lucky enough to get a foreword written by Matt Shaw, who is one of the most vile, disgusting, extreme horror authors out there and, fortunately, a fan of my work. His novels make even my toes curl. I was also lucky enough to meet Tom Savini, the special makeup effects luminary behind Dawn of the Dead, Friday 13th, Creepshow, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and countless other legendary horror flicks. He took a good look through my book and even ordered his own copy, and gave superb feedback on it. In fact, all the feedback from people who now own the book has been magnificent. All that hard work and effort paid off.

But why go to all the effort of making a book in the first place? Because, if you’ve never done it before, then trust me it is the exact opposite of “easy”. It’s stressful, demanding, unforgiving work that seems to never end. Making over 260 pages visually arresting is a real mission. As a project of personal vanity, I cannot imagine my own energy levels would have seen me through to the end. For me, the fuel was not vanity, but passion, and that is the most powerful fuel in any creative project. I wanted to share my passion for creative horror in the most meaningful way possible, and put together a work that I hope inspires others to see the same weird beauty in the horrific that I see. Many of the books have been purchased by photographers and tattoo artists so maybe I succeeded just a little in that goal. But, overwhelmingly, the fans of the horror genre seem to have fallen in love with the book, which is a reward without equal in my little twisted world.

The Horrify Me Book
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