About Horrify Me : What it is and how it works

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First question:

What exactly is Horrify Me?
Horrify Me

Horrify Me is a groundbreaking portrait photography studio, that has been pioneering the concept of the "horror portrait" since 2014.

We transform you into zombies, vampires, demons, and other iconic horror characters, and then shoot photographic portraits of you looking incredibly scary. This unusual and innovative service operates to an artistic level, rather than a "novelty" level, which means that your horror portraits are created to a high degree of movie-like realism and sophistication. This is not "novelty Halloween" photos but authentic, scary, and often very gory portraits that would not look out of place on a Hollywood film poster. The sessions take place at our workshop in Kent.

We specialise in horror, rather than simply "dabbling" in it, creating sensational horror portraits that will blow your mind!


What themes can you do?

• Classic Horror   • Iconic and Gory Horror
• Sexy Horror   • Dark Boudoir

By far the most popular themes that people choose are zombies and vampires. But you can also become a demon, or a classic icon of horror such as Freddy Krueger or Valak the Nun. We have many themes available, and we also shoot bespoke themes if you want something that's not on our list. Check out the full options here (prices are here).

Iconic Horror


It's a truly fun day out!

So far, Horrify Me has had visitors from all walks of life (not just horror fans) in the studio, and every time, the working environment is fun and full of laughs. Despite the scary photos that come from the shoot, actually creating them is a great experience! It's messy, gory fun having a full horror makeover, and then being instructed into several horror poses. You'll be snarling, biting, dribbling blood, and trying to look as horrible as possible. It's not just a photoshoot but an epic day out!

Read the many five-star reviews that we receive from our visitors.


The "Sexy Horror" option
Sexy Horror

Some of our bolder clients can embark on adventurous "sexy horror" shoots. Our Horror Beauty themes explore mildly erotic concepts that involve nudity, extreme blood coverage, and sensual scary characters. We operate to a level that the industry calls "art nude" which means no overly sexual or pornographic images are created, and all images must fulfill an artistic agenda.

Sexy Horror


The Dark Boudoir
Dark Boudoir

As well as all our sexy horror themes, we also offer a form of mysterious beauty portraiture in the Dark Boudoir themes. These portraits use the body in very artistic ways, with beautiful use of light and shadow, and forming exquisite portraits with creative poses.


An amazing and unforgettable experience

Horrify Me provides a unique opportunity to experience the creation of very high-end, movie-quality horror photos, in which you will appear as scary as you possibly can be. This is achieved with a combination of camera setup and lighting, makeup, blood and grime, and some incredible, expert digital editing.

You will also enjoy the whole experience, wearing the horror makeup, doing the mad poses, and shooting your own outrageous selfies during the session. The process in incredibly creative and great fun and you will probably spend as much time laughing as you will looking scary!

But, the whole process is about our incredible, award winning photos which will shock you, delight you, and blow your mind!


How it works 1: The makeup

When you arrive, we create your realistic horror makeup.

This process can take a few hours depending on what we are creating, but the process is great fun and the time flies! You are allowed to take selfies and your own behind scenes photos with your phone if you want to.


How it works 2: The photoshoot

The photo shoot is amazing fun to do.

You will be guided throughout the whole shoot, and directed into various poses. We create a comprehensive variety of portraits that really make the most of your makeup and explore all kinds of scary ideas with you. If you are doing the shoot with someone else, then we do take plenty of solo shots as well as couple / group shots.


How it works 3: The fun!
Behind Scenes

An epic day out!

The shoots are messy, creative, and incredible fun to do. Everybody has a blast doing these shoots and a visit to Horrify Me is one of the most memorable days out you can possibly have. Plus you get a set of amazing horror portraits to keep forever. Tea and coffee breaks can be... interesting!


How it works 4: The outcome

The photos will blow your mind!

Our horror portraits are created to a fine art level (rather than "novelty" level). Our photography has won awards and accolades, as well as being published worldwide by many publications, featured in documentaries, and enjoys a great following online. You'll really love your prints!


About the artist

Rick Jones is a man obsessed.

Like many of his generation, he grew up in the 1970s devouring the Hammer horror double bills that were shown weekly on TV, and in his teens during the 1980s he relished the golden era of horror and video nasties. Censorship was a big deal in the genre back then, and it was the mission of every true horror fan to try and track down uncut copies of dodgy slasher films. Today, his dislike of censorship remains strong and he refuses to compromise his work and he doesn't care if it offends you. His horror portraits are exactly what they should be: Horrific!

Alongside this passion for the macabre, Rick was also an enthusiastic artist with a high creative drive. After studying fine art and design, he began a long career in graphics and design, during which time he created illustrations, images and designs for magazines, book covers, and advertising.

The creatures that Rick creates in his Kent studio hark back to the films of George A. Romero and Tom Savini. His zombies are disgusting, rotten, and gory, and his vampires are uncompromisingly savage. You won't find any friendly sparkly vampires here! The zombie portraits and vampire portraits created at Horrify Me are designed to scare, shock and delight.

Rick's creativity and his love for horror films have been two dominant forces in his life since childhood. It just seemed inevitable that the two would one day clash and produce work that has since gone on to earn wide recognition and awards. Rick was made to do this work. And he loves it!

Rick shoots his photos mostly in a low key chiaroscuro style, which is a photographic lighting style that has its origins in the paintings of Renaissance painters. This style of lighting became a common technique in film, which you may know today as film noir. It allows the crafting of stark, contrasting, and atmospheric images using light and shadow.

Rick is married to his wife Claire, who is an endless source of support. She puts up with a very weird and crazy life.

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