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About the artist - Rick Jones
Rick Jones has been a design and graphics professional for over 25 years, and he's been an insane horror fanatic since a child. Here in his own words.

"You could say I am a man obsessed. Utterly, uncompromisingly, insanely, scarily obsessed with horror films and all things dark and gory. I blame / thank my mum. She was one of those really cool mums that lets underage kids stay up late to watch horror films on TV, which was actually pretty common in the 1970s during the era of those old BBC2 double-bills. I guess that makes me a Hammer Generation kid, and as I grew into my teens during the 1980s I discovered the fantastic shock of domestic horror, which left the old Gothic castles of Dracula and Frankenstein behind and started bringing horror into the home with Night of the Living Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I have a strong appetite for "proper" horror (sorry folks, no silly, floaty, romantic zombies or sparkly pretty-boy vampires allowed here). That means "old school" zombies - rotted corpses with wounded flesh that carry the gore of every devoured victim upon them. And lethal vampires, perfect in the art of seduction through their immortal beauty yet savage in their nasty feeding habits. The portraits I create with you will make you scary and dangerous!

Much of the framework of my inspiration has come from old Hammer movies, as well as George A. Romero's zombie flicks, the splatter effects of Tom Savini, the shocking body-horror of David Cronenberg, and the whole Golden Era of horror from the 1980s. This was the best era of horror without a doubt, when the shocks were real and the standards were brutal. This obsessive heritage is what I bring to the party when we do photo shoots."


"I've always been very creative, with fine art and design in my educational background and my entire working life spent in creative industries including graphics, illustration, design and photography. Horrify Me is the weird bastard child of my creative career and my immense passion for horror cinema. It just somehow feels very right and natural for me to be doing this horror work.

I'm not a scary guy, I'm actually a gentle soul who loves meeting and working with new people, loves movies, and loves all this insane creative work. You always get the best results when the artist or craftsman loves what he does for you. I'm not offering a faceless commercial money-making service and this is not my idea of a get-rich-quick plan. I'm actually selling you a slice of genuine passion, which I believe is what makes the service so popular and the images so awesome. I absolutely love what I do and I take huge pride in every single image.

So, you have here a photographer with a life-long passion for horror, set against a long established background of professional creative skill and service, and an unusual expertise in dark art. There is obviously a reason why not many photographers offer what I do to the same standard.

Of course, Horrify Me is a team effort and without the awesome staff around me who help then none of it could happen.

I look forward to meeting you in my studio of horror....."


Name: Rick Jones

Born: 1970

Profession: Graphics, design, digital imaging, illustration, and display products at Absolute Graphix as well as professional photographer and proprietor of Horrify Me.

Married: To Claire, my most beautiful model who has endured some of my most hideous creations.

Hobbies: Movies, model kit building and airbrushing, building R2D2 from scratch, and just general creative things.

Favourite movies: King Kong (1933), Alien (1979), Dawn of the Dead (1979), The Fly (1986), Night of the Living Dead (1968), Dracula (1979), and too many others to mention.

Favourite movie genre: HORROR! Come on, seriously? You needed to ask?

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                   Horrify Me - the UK's premier horror portrait photography studio
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