Preparing for a FREDDY KRUEGER Photoshoot
Freddy Photo Shoot

One two, Freddy's coming for you...
Freddy is every horror fan's favourite nightmare. Now, you can become him in this series of incredible portraits.

• In this dramatic photoshoot, you will be photographed as Freddy Krueger complete with horrific burned face, fedora hat, and razor glove. The make-up we create for you is incredible and very life-like, and the razor glove has real metal blades. Once you've done this shoot, you'll never sleep again.

• You will be directed by the photographer into poses which will feature a lot of fake blood.

• This is a very gory portrait photoshoot in which you will become Freddy. The actual shoot is a lot of fun and not scary to do, but the resulting photos are very scary!

• Maximum x2 people. A solo shoot will feature you as Freddy. A two-person shoot will feature the second person as a dream victim.

• Gender: Traditionally, Freddy is a male portrait subject and the victim is usually a female. However, we do not insist on sticking to tradition with this shoot! You can mix it up however you want to. You can be a female Freddy, and the victim can be male or female.
The Freddy shoot provides plenty of gory drama...

Freddy Freddy!
Your Freddy make-up will be amazingly life-like and will allow you to remain identifiable in your portrait, as well as letting you freely make facial expressions.
Freddy Dream Victim
If you bring a victim, he or she will be in their nightgown, lingerie, pyjamas, or whatever other type of nightwear they choose. Nightwear is important (rather than clothes) because they are supposed to be asleep, dreaming. The victim will be stalked, haunted, and violently killed by Freddy.
Freddy Razor glove
You will have plenty of opportunity to be a menace with your deadly glove. The razors are actually quite blunt for safety purposes.
Freddy Female Freddy
We're perfectly happy to create female Freddy as well as male. We don't think the girls should miss out on this epic character.

• An old pair of dirty work trousers that we can ruin with fake blood, and some suitable footwear. If you are bringing a victim then he or she will need to bring their own nightwear, which can be anything they like such as nightgown, granny gown, sexy lingerie, pyjamas, or dressing gown.

• Please keep in mind that whatever clothes or costume you bring may suffer damage or be utterly ruined by the end of the shoot. We use a LOT of blood at Horrify Me!

• Feel free to bring any appropriate props if you have any that you would like to use.

• Please bring a towel for clean-up at the end.

• Horrify Me will supply all the fake blood and horror make-up, as well as Freddy's hat, razor glove, and red/green sweater, so you will not need to bring any of this.

• Age 18 and over only.

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Zombie Portrait Zombie Portrait

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