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You come to us to be SCARY
Portrait Photography like you've never seen before....

Bride of Frankenstein
"The Bride of Frankenstein"

Every Halloween, Horrify Me pulls out all the stops to create something truly sensational.
Last year we shocked the online world with our Cannibal Holocaust tribute shoot "The Impaled Girl". This year we are revisiting one of our favourite horror icons, The Bride of Frankenstein - like you've never seen her before!

See our new Bride of Frankenstein shoot
Take a trip to Horrify Me in Kent and be transformed into the most breathtaking, movie-quality monsters for a portrait photoshoot that simply defies belief.

We will capture your portrait as grotesque zombies, wild vampires, evil demons, and iconic film characters. We also conduct sensational beauty shoots in our Dark Boudoir, capturing a dark, powerful image of beauty with or without horror overtones.
Watch our video and discover the amazing world of Horrify Me photography!
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"I want to buy them something different this year". Discover why one of our gift vouchers is one of the most awesome, different, and memorable gifts you will ever buy for someone!

Explore our amazing photoshoot themes and styles below!
Zombie Portrait Photoshoots Vampire Portrait photoshoots Demonic Portrait Photoshoots Icons of Horror
Become an amazing movie-quality zombie, with as much gore and rot as you can stand!
We will transform you from an alluring creature of the night to a blood-thirsty savage!
Explore your inner demons in these highly creative and unusual portrait shoots.
Let us capture your portrait as an iconic horror film character. Amazing FX!
Horror Wedding Shoots Horror Specials Horror Boudoir Dark Boudoir
A truly alternative photoshoot for brides and grooms, full of gore and doom!
Our bespoke, custom themes, commercial shoots, and other exciting projects.
Beautiful sexy boudoir styles and portraits with a terrifying twist of gore and horror!
Our Dark Boudoir styles of beauty shoots are empowering, full of mystery and amazing lighting.
Gift Vouchers
"I want to buy them something different this year". Discover why one of our gift vouchers is one of the most awesome, different, and memorable gifts you will ever buy for someone!
"I had a fantastic time at the photoshoot and the photos are an incredible reminder of just how good the makeover was."
"The experience totally exceeded my expectations! Would recommend it to anyone."
"I loved every second of today's vampire shoot! I would 1000% recommend."
"I would definitely recommend anyone to go for a shoot, as the shots produced are brilliant and I had a great day!"
Horrify Me T-shirts
Smart-FX Tshirts NEWS
Horrify Me has been added as a featured artist to the Smart-FX clothing range
We've often been asked by fans and clients about T-shirts featuring our pictures, but the print quality we've seen at various garment printers was never quite good enough for our fussy standards. That is, until we saw the jaw-dropping work of Smart-FX. Their work is absolutely incredible. Owned and operated by accomplished artists who truly care about the quality of their product, they not only match our criteria but vastly exceed it, and Horrify Me is very proud to announce that Smart-FX is now the official garment printer of our work.

Scar Award NEWS
Horrify Me picks up awesome horror award for excellence...
Having already won a National Photography Award for creative photography with one of his zombie portraits, and the Alt Fashion Photographer of the Year poll winner, Rick recently won what he considers to be the best award out there for this type of work: The SCAR AWARD.

Exclusively from Smart-FX, buy our incredible images on some of the finest quality printed garments in the UK!

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