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Brochure Download PDF
Download the full Horrify Me PDF brochure!

Please read these items carefully.

1. Age restrictions
All of our shoot themes are suitable for people aged 18 and older, except Zombies, Vampires, and Demons.

Zombies and Demons - no age restriction (under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult).

Vampires - 16 and older (under 16's welcome with a responsible adult but we will amend the theme to make it age-appropriate).

Children have had great fun getting covered in grime and fake blood, and had a great laugh acting out zombie poses. Although the photos are scary, there is absolutely nothing scary about the creative shoot experience whatsoever. However, this isn't for everyone and as a parent or responsible adult you need to make the decision regarding whether this type of experience is suitable for the child in your care.

We do require anyone under the age of 16 to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult and a consent form will need to be signed on the day of the shoot.

All children must be kept under close supervision at all times. For health and safety reasons, we can not tolerate children running riot in our studio.

2. Shoot location
We like to conduct all of our shoots in our workshop / studio in Lydden, Kent. We have access to lots of lighting equipment, lots of space, and of course we can get as messy as you like without worrying about carpets, sofas, and flat screen TVs getting filthy. We also have some interesting outdoor photo opportunities right on our doorstep. However we don't mind travelling to you under certain circumstances, but it will attract an extra fee and may also limit the photoshoot experience because of space / mess. Please contact us if you want us to travel and we'll always give it proper consideration.

3. Hair and Clothing
We don't provide any costumes or clothing, you must supply your own garments. You should really be prepared for us to get the clothes messy, maybe even cut holes in them for effect. On zombie shoots you must be prepared to ruin your old clothes, as it's the only real way we can achieve the best images. Vampires we tend to be a bit more careful but this can still get pretty messy. Also, keep in mind that your hair will be made a real mess, but it's all for authentic scary photos.

We strongly recommend that you buy low cost garments from second hand shops or Ebay if you are doing a shoot that requires the garments to be filthy or ruined.

If you have an expensive costume or garment that you want to use but don't want blood all over it, be sure to let us know. We will be happy to use your expensive garment in the shoot and keep it clean and spotless.

4. Chaperones
Some photographers don't like chaperones as they find them off-putting. We are not one of those photographers! We welcome chaperones if you want to bring one for company, and we positively encourage it if you are doing a solo shoot and/or boudoir style shoot or nude shoot. Please use your own discretion on this matter and do whatever makes you most comfortable.

5. Cleaning-up
We have limited cleaning facilities at our workshop (no shower units unfortunately). Basically, all we have is a sink and some soap. Plenty of people cope perfectly fine with our limited facilities and manage to clean up pretty well but you may want to leap into your shower as soon as you get home!

6. Payments and refunds
Please note that all pre-payments, including gift voucher purchases, appointment deposits and payments, are non-refundable. The only time we offer refunds is in a case where we have to cancel you coming for your shoot that does not allow for the shoot to be re-booked.

7. Nudity - strictly 18 years and over!
We don't mind photographing people topless or nude, but we are very strict and careful about how we shoot nudity. This type of photography is done with great care to ensure it remains artistic and expressive. Most people prefer "implied" or "concealed" nudity, so that vital body parts are not visible to the lens. Full exposed nudity is allowed provided the image has a creative purpose, with a sense of context, or follows accepted photography level standards for "art nude" criteria. Under no circumstances will we shoot images that we consider to be gratuitously pornographic - so please don't ask.

If you are lucky enough to look young for your age then we may require proof of age ID. If we have any doubt whatsoever about your age then we simply will not do any nude photography with you, even if you have travelled many miles for the shoot. Just to be safe - bring your proof of age ID with you anyway!

In professional photography, nudity is expressed in "levels" which are defined as follows. Horrify Me has indicated the levels we will and will not work at:

Portrait Simple fully-clothed photography of a model.
Fashion Incorporates clothing design into the portrait, and may involve visible underwear and visibility of arms, legs, shoulders, back.
Glamour Fully clothed or nude "soft core" portraits which create a fantasy image about the model through use of slightly suggestive poses.
Lingerie Typically these portraits involve lingerie garments and can be midly erotic by virtue of the garments and poses but generally they are more about beauty than eroticism.
Implied This is generally "limited artistic nudity". The model may be fully nude in the studio but the images never show nipples or genitals, which can be concealed by fabric, hands, or camera angles.
Topless Portraits which normally show female breasts including nipples.
Art Nude Fully nude photography which includes the use of the whole body in stylized, artistic poses. Normally these photos can include full-frontal but avoid sexual implications and don't allow "open leg" shots or excessive visibility of genitals.
Adult This type or portrait is normally more sexually explicit in content and may show open leg views of genitals or sexual acts.
Hardcore This is the "industry standard" for pornography and really has no limits in terms of nudity, sexuality, or blatant eroticism.

Terms and conditions of service
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