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Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes of a horror shoot!
We'll splatter you with blood, make your skin rot, your teeth sharp, and cover you in dirt and grime. You become the star of amazing horror images.

You and your friends or partner won't be asked to pose nicely together, you'll be asked to bite and claw at each other like wild savages. We create real horror images worthy of a place in a horror movie!

But how is it all done?
Stage 1: The Makeup
Behind the scenes
Our victim arrives at the studio looking perfectly normal and healthy!

Behind the scenes
The makeup process begins!

The first part of the Horrify Me process is, of course, the horrific make-over. This involves a full-on process of make-up and blood. We don't simply slap some greasepaint onto your face though. Our process is a complete make-over in which we work on you from head to foot: we rip and stain your clothes (where appropriate), mess up your hair (sorry ladies!), and transform you properly and fully. We are not creating Halloween shots here, but proper, authentic images of movie-quality horror, so the make-up process is quite comprehensive and sometimes a bit extreme!

Behind the scenes
Making scars and wounds isn't as painful as it looks!

Behind the scenes
Erm - just time for a quick selfie before we blood him up!

Stage 2. The Photo Shoot
Behind the scenes
Don't smile! SNARL!!
Behind the scenes
Post-edit shots are movie-quality and incredible!

The real fun starts when the camera starts clicking. You'll be asked to pose in a variety of ways. Biting, clawing, growling, ripping arms off, snarling your teeth... It will be the best fun you ever had in front of a camera! We take a lot of shots and try lots of ideas (including your own if you suggest any). We try playing with different lighting and effects, and aim to provide a great variety of horror photos from your shoot. You just will not believe how much fun this is until you do it.
Stage 3. Digital Edit
Behind the scenes
Enhancements done to incredible high level professional standards

The last stage in the creative process is the digital edit and it's the part where the real horror magic happens. Our artist locks himself away in a dark studio and spends many hours editing the photos to ensure they are the most awesome images you have ever seen! Our exact process is a closely guarded secret but it basically consists of some careful colour grading, eye work, and other amazing enhancements and the results are shocking and awesome!
Stage 4: Prints
Behind the scenes
High quality photo prints

As images are made ready they will be published online for you to see. When we've completed the whole set of images then we'll send you gorgeous high quality glossy prints. You'll be able to buy extra prints and enlargements, posters, etc if you wish.

Terms and conditions of service
                   Horrify Me - the UK's premier horror portrait photography studio
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